Art Now 2 - 28 October 2017


Art Now is a group of Guilford based artists who have been together for over 10 years.


Our work includes watercolour, acrylic, gouache and linocut.


We have exhibited at


Bankside Gallery London


Mall Gallery London


Royal Society of Printmakers


National Open Art Exhibition


Local Events


Elizabeth Calthorpe, Maureen Farr, Daphne Jefferis, Celia Lewis and Margaretha Shepherd

























Celia has written and illustrated six books for Bloomsbury Publishing – the latest of which, An Illustrated Coastal Year, was published in 2015. In order to create more interesting illustrations she developed printmaking skills, specializing in linocuts. She enjoys the physical carving of her designs and the anticipation of success or failure when the first print comes off the press. Although she also paints in watercolour, Celia has developed a technique of combining acrylics with linocuts to produce unique artworks.


A member of several local art societies she has taken part in group, private and national exhibitions. She has just received her Diploma from the Chelsea School of Botanical Art.


Margaretha Shepherd


I trained at the West Surrey College of Art and Design. I have exhibited at the Mall Galleries with the RI and at Bankside Gallery with the RWS in London. Furthermore, I am also a member of local art societies and exhibit regularly with them.


My inspiration comes from natural forms-exploring the shapes, textures and colours of nature.


I focus on sections and develop my paintings by playing with line and colour, and ideas of scale, repetition and contrast.


Through drawing, I explore using different mediums by intersecting, interweaving representational images with abstract patterns and forms.


Maureen Farr


A continuing love of colour and design is expressed through the use of still-life, landscape and life drawing often incorporating all three in one piece of work, overlapping images so that the eye is taken around the paper or canvas.


Using acrylic paint makes it possible to achieve texture as well as thin washes. Collage is an added dimension which is used in small areas- this provides depth and a different feel to my work.


I have also started unique monoprinting using AD watercolour inks


Exhibitions have included


Royal Institute of British Artists


Royal Watercolour Society Bankside London


Fulham Palace Art Fair


Royal Institute of Watercolour Painters @ the Mall London


National Open Art Competition


Vivartis Wormley