Christine Hopkins  SGFA  (The Society of Graphic Fine Art)


Christine is a member of the Society of Graphic Fine Art, and in 2010 was elected to their governing Council, serving on election and exhibition selection panels and has managed national and regional exhibitions. She has been a regular participant in the Surrey Open Studios since 2005, and is delighted to have been shortlisted for the seventh time for the Surrey Artist of the Year Award.


Christine’s work is mixed media. Painting, printmaking and the use of collage is evident in much of her work. As well as working with acrylic inks and wax crayons, she uses her printmaking experience to add layers of texture and detail to her finished work. The contents of the recycling bin are often incorporated, although she will often hunt out relevant paper ephemera to use as background to the drawn structural framework which forms the backbone to all her work. Her love of strong linear form leads often to the addition of scaffolding or other street objects like telephone poles and wiring. It delights her if a viewer recognises the landscape of a painting, as many of them are entirely works of fiction, drawn from careful observation and memory of many places rather than one specific location.

“Working in mixed media gives me a child-like pleasure – I’m able to be creative without being bound by technicalities and can edit the landscape to suit myself, add features in paint or collage and make imaginary worlds on paper.”