Helen Baines . Screen Prints

Helen’s printmaking is a response to the landscape - its history, its peoples and its often surprising immutability. Although figures are rare in her work, it is the human aspect that interests her, driven by a desire to understand the definitive nature of her subject. Combining imaginary elements with those from memory and reality, Helen's work is developed from traditional drawings and always resolved by the exploration of abstract forms. By restructuring the image, she hopes to express something more resonant or unexpected..


Helen Baines is a Guildford-based artist, with a background in graphic design. Working principally in the medium of screen print, she started printmaking late in 2011 at Ochre Print Studio in Guildford, where she subsequently became a key-holder member. After receiving very positive responses to her work, including two Printmakers Council prizes, Helen continues to develop her practice as an artist printmaker.