Jane Silk Ceramics

I trained at Bath Academy of Art, in the golden years when it was situated in Corsham, graduating in Ceramics and Three-Dimensional Design in 1973. Having raised a family and had a full time career in teaching until my retirement it is wonderful to be able to devote more time at last to my own work.

I love birds and aim to capture their individual spirit - quirky, humorous, almost human, the essence of their character and behaviour, their conversations.

And, living in the country, I love the natural world, the root of my inspiration - weather and its effects on the environment, the power of the elements, erosion and decay through time; rocks, shells, seedpods and remnants. I enjoy conscious simplicity of form with heightened surface tension and by contrast rugged, textural surfaces and edges. I like to combine these extremes, each enhancing the other, relaxed spontaneity yet disciplined through form.


This is a selection that represents the work of the artist, please contact or pop into the gallery to see Jane's current collection