Karen Charman

Karen Charman ASWA

I was born on the South coast of England a few yards from the beach and a mile or so from the South Downs. As a child I spent hours either in a rock pool or in the country. My long held passion and inspiration stems from this time in my life although I have built upon this and added West Country moorland and arid Portugal.

Using any mediums or recycled items that suit the picture I am working on, I love creating texture and atmosphere in each piece. Experimentation plays a very big part in my processes too so although my abstracts are still inspired by the world around me I leave it to you, the viewer, to discover and interpret for yourselves those intriguing evocative passages.

I am a full time professional artist who also teaches a little. I exhibit in galleries in London and the Home Counties and have work in private collections in mainland Europe, Switzerland, USA, Russia and Japan.