Laurie Rudling & Debby Mason September Exhibition 2017


Laurie Rudling & Debby Mason  Exhibition  4th – 30th  September 2017



Laurie has walked, cycled, run, fished, watched birds, and hunted Neolithic monuments across most parts of Britain and western Ireland over the last fifty years. All this time he has drawn and painted, filling sketchbook after sketchbook with images and memories of our beautiful lands. For almost as long he has been a professional artist and teacher specializing as a printmaker making the classic copper plate aquatint etchings and also the more esoteric collagraphs.

The etchings are delicate tonal essays in light and atmosphere, two precisely drawn plates contributing colour and form to make a balanced and harmonious whole.

The collagraphs by contrast are printed from collages of card, textile, wallpapers, plaster and glue! Real plants may be cast and stuck down; layers of intricately shaped of papers, card and tissue are assembled to make powerful, abstracted often Cubist inspired images. The plates are then varnished so that they can be inked and printed as if they were etchings. These plates are deep and heavily textured so the inks are rich and very painterly and the prints uniquely sculptural and heavily embossed.                                                                                                                        Laurie has exhibited widely in group and open exhibitions at many of our major institutions and events including:


Royal Academy Summer Exhibition                                                                            

Royal West of England Academy at Bristol                                                                          

Pastel Society, Mall Galleries                                                                                    

National Print Exhibition, Bankside                                                                                      

“Art in Action” Waterperry Park, Oxon,                                                                        

Norwich Castle Museum and Galleries                                                                                   Reading and Windsor Contemporary Art Fairs                                                                

North Norfolk exhibition Project (Salthouse and Cley)                                                       Eastern Open                                                                                                  

Childwickbury Arts Festival, St Albans                                                                                                                                    Prinfest, Cumbria                                                                                                      

Devon Guild of Craftsmen                                                                                            Memberships:                                                                                                                  

Norwich Printfair                                                                                                      

Norwich 20 Group




Debbie has been an accomplished printmaker for over 25 Years, specialising in etching and mezzotints. She lives near Plymouth beside Hooe Lake, perfectly positioned for the study of marine habitats. Her childhood coastal holidays together with the fascination of deep sea literature went on to inspire and shape her career. She is also an accomplished scuba diver allowing for first hand research to create her imagery.                                                                                                                                                     Her accurate etchings and mezzotints require patience and time. The preparation of the plate for mezzotints can take more than 25 hours before the design process begins. The results however are worth it giving a unique velvety texture.

Debby has participated in many exhibitions and has been commissioned for illustration, including:

Society of Wildlife Artists                                                                                                                          Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions                                                                                                                                                  SAHFOS Plankton                                                                                                                  L’Oceanic in Valencia                                                                                                                                                                             ‘The Deep’ Hull                                                                                                                                                       Aquarium Finisterrae, Spain  


Please Note these Photographs are a representation of the style of work coming to the exhibition. We may or may not have all the images on the day.