Laurie Rudling   printmaker

Laurie Rudling arrives at the Bourneside Gallery (a small selection to start with ranging in price from £95 - £265 unframed.) An exciting range of etching and collagraph work.


Laurie takes his inspiration from direct observation of the world and human influences upon it. He draws more from the realist rather than naturalist traditions and as such transform, transpose and synthesize in the search for the essential in any particular place. Some "places" indeed exist more in his mind than the world. Laurie trained in painting at Keswick Hall near Norwich, with Art History subsequently at Queens' College, Cambridge. Laurie has been a full time artist since 1987 prior to which he pursued a teaching career in the Midlands and London. During many years of studio practice in Devon he also taught a wide range of adult education and Access courses in the Arts.