Lisa Takahashi

Cycling Linocuts

Lisa Takahashi - Artist Statement


My linocut prints are concerned with collective energy; the coming together of groups of people (be it singers, cyclists or sailors) to create a positive force that is greater than the sum of its parts. I use bold colours and shapes to describe movement and the dynamism of the subject matter that inspires me.

Drawing is central to my practice. Ideas often emerge from a process of intuitive drawing. I make abstract marks in graphite and watercolour to allow my subconscious to reveal itself on the page. Eventually the marks start to resemble figures, landscapes and actions which I develop through observational drawing into fledgling compositions. These are then simplified to maximise the immediacy of each design, and translated into 3 or 4 colour multi-block prints.


I love printing colours over one another; while I exercise more and more control over

the design process as it progresses, the alchemy of colour invariably brings an element of surprise at the proofing stage.

The work I am exhibiting at the Bourneside Gallery is a collection of cycling prints that I have produced over the past several years. Over this period I have explored the elements of picture making that so fascinate me - notably colour, texture and shape, as a means to describe the energy and exhilaration of road cycling.