I am both a ceramist and printmaker and my prints reflect the development of a visual language that has been synthesised from my past ceramic work. My early years spent in Devon exploring the sinister and brooding Dartmoor and later the Welsh landscape around the Black Mountains encouraged a love of nature and observation of all things wild and strange. Now living in Hampshire the landscape is providing new challenges and responses. The prints are an atmospheric response to daily walks through the landscape and lay down a catalyst for the next series of works.


I use a variety of materials and processes in each project, the subject matter determining the specific selection, whether it is Collagraph, Drypoint or Screen printing and Lino Cuts. My editions are small and variable due to the process which means each print is unique.


The plates are inked up using both intaglio and relief methods. With an intaglio print the ink is spread over the entire surface of the plate, making sure the ink reaches all the recesses and incised areas. Excess ink is then gently removed using scrim and tissue paper. Finally a relief surface roll of ink is used to add a depth and richness to the print.


The printing paper is usually a 300gsm Somerset Paper, dampened ready for use. The paper is placed over the plate and using an etching press, the print is taken under pressure through the rollers.Double click to insert body text here...

Ruth Barrett Danes Printer and Ceramics