Vanessa Gellet

I am a Surrey-based printmaker, currently focusing on the medium of collograph. I rediscovered printmaking at Ochre Print Studio in Guildford, where I have been a key-holder member since 2013.


My printmaking has a tendency to be inspired by the natural world. In particular, the landscape of the Surrey Hills and also that of the West Country.


Sometimes I will produce a print by looking at the subject in close detail and on other occasions, it might be from a distance. I will often create an imaginary scene incorporating elements from a real location with which I am familiar and which is important to me.


I derive great satisfaction from assembling my collograph plates from materials that are recycled or naturally found; eggshells and dried seedpods are examples. In essence though, my aim is to produce a print that is visually appealing both to myself and others, preferably using colour and light to positive effect.