Yu Chengyou

Traditional Water-based Woodcut Technique.


Yu Chengyou is China's leading printmaker. His roots are in the Northern Province of Shangdong the birthplace of Confucianism. Yu Chengyou finds his subjects in the untouched nature of his home province. His prints are clearly structured and never overloaded. The simple natural objects are depicted in just a few colours which are applied very precisely. Thus Yu Chengyou creates a tranquil and imaginative atmosphere in his prints. The accuracy of his work shows that he is a master in the technique of water based woodprints.


In 1984 he received the Silver Award of the 6th National Exhibition in China. Yu Chegyou’s print “Tea” was awarded the Golden Prize from the Japanese Association for the Promotion of Chinese prints.


His works have been exhibited at The National Art Museum of China and the UK Woodwork Foundation.